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Alexa Ebenhoeh is an Ann Arbor native. She grew up in a family of real estate agents and found she had a similar passion. She started in the real estate field by working in customer service for a local title company. After two years she decided to take the skills she had learned and start working as a real estate agent.

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Ann Arbor - East
2452 East Stadium
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Alexa is awesome. She was so responsive. I cannot say enough about her work ethic. She was great with helping me write my offer, she worked out the details of a good deal for me, she stood by my side through the mortgage process, and she helped me navigate all the way through to closing. I am so thankful for all of her patience, kindness, knowledge, and understanding. Thanks Alexa!

Ginger Auten

Alexa is an excellent real estate agent. She is so responsive and helpful. She truly has the best interest of her clients in mind and is a great shoulder to lean on when things are stressful.

Leah Stewart

Alexa is seriously the most active realtor we’ve ever had. She always makes herself available to your requests and answers your questions promptly and with an accurate answer. She does so, while also being a wonderful mother to two adorable young children. It’s quite impressive. Simply put, she is great at her job while also being able to keep your emotions in check. I’d hire her again if she moved to traverse City. 10/10

Jeremiah Stewart

Alexa is an amazing realtor who works very hard for her clients!

Teri Marshall

Alexa is the best! She helped us find the perfect home last year (after we trekked her with us all over a 20mi radius of Ann Arbor...), and we could not be happier! I wish we would have had her sell our old house, too, because our seller's agent paled in comparison by a long shot. Alexa was on our side from day one and had our best interests in mind. She never pressured us into a decision, and made sure that we had all the information we needed to make an informed choice. She was always one step ahead and made the process so easy for us. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Michelle Larkin

If you are in the Ann Arbor Michigan area, and looking to buy or sell a home, then Alexa is your girl! She is professional, yet kind, and very very efficient! She got the job done and then some

Sarah Salmons

I could not have asked for a better realtor! Alexa went the extra mile to ensure that we got the best rates and made moving into our dream starter home such an easy process. She answered all of my questions even if she already explained the answer. She gave me really sound advice at times when I was just anxious to get it all over with. She didn’t let anything slip through the cracks and she was available 24/7. I could not have had a better experience with anyone else for my first home.

Ashley Alele

Alexa is the best! She went above and beyond to help us purchase our very first home about four years ago. She is responsive, thoughtful and genuinely cares about all of her clients getting the best outcome. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. We're very happy we worked with her.


Alexa Ebenhoeh has a passion for helping her clients sell & find the best possible home for their family. She is relentless in her drive & understanding in considering what is best for each client. I would highly recommend her as a Realtor!

Alisha Hejka

Alexa has so much patience, she pays attention to detail and never forgets what you asked for in a house! I highly recommended Alexa! I asked for help in Wayne county, she delivered but I moved out of state in the end. If I ever move back to Michigan, Alexa will be the first Realtor I call!

Raven Hill

We started our home search in 2018, and went through MANY unreliable realtors. Alexa went ABOVE AND BEYOND as a realtor. Was on top of everything: listings, communications between agents, navigation through problematic listings and situations and wholeheartedly put her all into finding us our first home. We could not recommend Alexa more. She is personable, friendly, professional, funny and responsible. She was there for us when we were about to give up hope on finding our first house. You will be in fantastic hands by choosing her to be your realtor. Thank you Alexa!!

Jenna Clancy

We had a great experience working with realtor Alexa Ebenhoeh and I will recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. She has all the qualities you will want from a real estate advisor. She was able to listen to us and figure out exactly the kind of home we wanted in our first meeting. Alexa is very trustworthy and not only understands the market landscape but also well connected to the real estate community. She was able to connect with her network of realtors to get us our dream home. She referred us to a skilled and great loan officer who helped us with our mortgage application. Alexa was there at every step to guide us through, letting us know what to expect during each step and how to go about it. She made the process so easy and stress-free for us. If you are looking to buy or sell a home Alexa is the right realtor to contact.


She worked so hard finding us the right listing, then when we jumped through tons of hoops she was so helpful leading us to the final closing. She is the best and never gives up!

Amy Bornschein

We had such a wonderful experience with Alexa. Her advice was always spot on! She always took the time to answer our questions and was so kind, respectful, and professional. We would highly recommend her!

Liz Jablonski

Alexa was so great to work with. She was always available to answer every and any question I had. Despite all the things going on, she was able to help me into starter home during a pandemic! She was truly amazing, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home!

Gina Carabali

Alexa helped us sell and buy a house in less than two months. I cannot thank her enough for her amazing hard work and commitment to our family. Thank you for helping us get an amazing home!

Rosie Teribery

Alexa was amazing to work with. I would definitely recommend her. She was incredibly easy to communicate with. She responded immediately to any concerns we had every time. We had a wonderful experience working with Alexa. Thank you for helping us both sell and purchase our dream home!

Lexie Breeden

Alexa was recommended to us by two different people. We are very happy that we met with her and decided to use her as our realtor. She is super responsive and always seems to be available to show a house. She always answered my silly questions and was there for us physically through some really boring meetings. She’s also just a great person and has become more a friend than a realtor.

Shari Morsli

Alexa was a great agent in helping us buy our first home. She was very knowledgeable about her field, and anything that was new to her she was able to figure out. She was helpful in navigating the confusing process of house buying, available and quick to respond to all our questions, and a comforting presence in making big decisions. Any house buyer would be fortunate to work with her!

Kaitlin Bekken

I would highly recommend Alexa as a realtor. She helped my fiancé and I in so many ways to finding our dream home that we currently live in. Alexa is a very patient, understanding, flexible, and hard worker. She continually persisted throughout our journey to finding the right home for us. Alexa traveled from Ann Arbor to Canton every single time we wanted to look at a home at the drop of a dime with zero complaints. She took the time to truly understand what my fiancé and I were looking for in a home, work with our budget, and achieve all of these results in a timely manner. She helped me personally understand the home buying process which took the stress and pressure off. Alexa was always on top of everything and I never waited around for an answer. She took the initiative to let me know what I needed to provide and what step was next. Lastly, I would like to point out that the house we bought ended up having another bid placed on the same exact day. The sellers wanted to pick a buyer that day and move on with the closing. Basically place your highest bet and the seller will chose between the two buyers. Alexa brought up the idea of an escalation clause that we would bid our max bid along with also an extra 1,000 of whatever the other buyers bid so that at the end of the day no matter what we would end of bidding more money than the other buyers. That is what won us our dream house. I was so incredibly glad that Alexa provided us with that route we could take so that we had the chance to beat out the other buyer and win the home we wanted, which is exactly what happened. I couldn’t be more happier with the choice my fiancé and I made with choosing Alexa as our realtor. You will not be disappointed!

Kayla Lennon

We had an excellent experience and highly recommend!


Alexa was so helpful and wonderful to work with!! My partner and I were first time home buyers and she made the process easy to understand, approachable, and not to mention - helped us secure a house in 2021! Could not recommend her enough!


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